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On entends souvent la prise de poids, perte de libido, fatue mais y-a-til d'autres symptômes qui seraient plus râres, rencontrés par quelques-un(e)s d'entre-vous?

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It started off very mild but 2 weeks ago got more serious. When I coughed it totally blocked airway and I nearly passed out. I get better and then next thing I know I'm coughing so hard I blackout and feel as though I am having a slht siezure.

<strong>Lexapro</strong> for bradycardia/neurocardiogenic <strong>syncope</strong> - Anxiety.

Lexapro for bradycardia/neurocardiogenic syncope - Anxiety.

If you take Lexapro and have Syncope vasovagal, find out what symptoms you could have in 1 year or longer.

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Join a support for people who take Lexapro and have Syncope On e Health Me you can find out what patients like me (same gender, age) reported their drugs and conditions on FDA since 1977. Start now Lexapro has active ingredients of escitalopram oxalate. (latest outcomes from Lexapro 54,075 users) Syncope (loss of consciousness with an inability to maintain postural tone) has been reported by people with hh blood pressure, depression, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, primary pulmonary hypertension (latest reports from 69,945 Syncope patients).

Syncope ans lexapro:

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